“Pure Passion” Mini Bundle

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“Pure Passion” Mini Bundle

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Two is better than one and our mini body care bundles are here to prove it! They include 1 body butter & 1 body scrub.

Body Butter: The solution to all of your skin’s problems has just arrived! Our Pure Passion Body Butter absorbs directly into your skin and leaves it soft, smooth, and moisturized. It’s creamy but non-greasy, formulated to give you a natural glow. Did we forget to mention that it smells amazing? Get lost in the smell of sweet pineapple, exotic passion fruit, and pink guava.


Foaming Scrub: Our Pure Passion Foaming Scrub is a one of a kind experience! It instantly foams up when it encounters water, allowing you to gently remove dead skin cells. It’ll give your skin a luxurious smooth feeling and kickstart your moisture routine! The foaming properties allow you to clean and purify your skin. 3 steps all in one – clean, exfoliate, and moisturize.


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